How to make Expresso with Keurig

Love Expresso? Craving for it? And unable to approach the coffee house or lack time to research the
right coffee shop? Keurig Coffee Maker is the best solution. Is Keurig right for making Expresso?
However, the answer to this question is not really. Keurig Coffee makers are designed to make regular
coffee and cappuccino.
Keurig can perform excellent job brewing black coffee at the push of a button. Secondly, Keurig Rivo is
designed to make lattes and cappuccinos. Expresso requires hot water and high pressure. Keurig Rivo
can help you make approximate Expresso Shots.

Steps to Make Expresso with Keurig

To make tasty Expresso, follow these steps

Chose the right K-Cups

Dark Colored or strong black K-Cups are the best options in making the approximate Expresso Cup. The
regular coffee cups are beautiful, but they are not right for making Expresso.

Use your Machine Smaller Cup.

The regular ratio of coffee to water is 1:2, which means one portion of coffee requires two parts of
water. To make Expresso, you may reduce the quantity of water and use the smallest Cup of your Keurig

Brew, Brew, Brew

Place a large teacup under the brew head and press the brew button. Take some extra minutes to brew
the Expresso. An additional brewing adds some different tastes.

Pour the coffee into Large Cups.

Pouring coffee in a small Expresso cup can cause spilling of your Expresso that you don’t want and like.
To prevent mess and coffee both it is recommended that use the large cups to catch the coffee. Coffee
or Espresso Cups are not right for fetching coffee from Keurig.

Serve and Enjoy

After the Expresso is collected in larger cups, you can use coffee cups for serving. Pour the Expresso in
small coffee cups, and enjoy the taste of Homemade Expresso shots.

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Pull out your handy Keurig coffee maker and enjoy the tasty shots of rich Expresso.

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